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He incredibly forgot to say the “Allahu Akbar” thing

Everybody knows that Terrorism is not a new concept in the USA but, since 11-S up to now, the fact of a man shooting people in a public place without being Muslim or at least Arab is such an odd piece of news for mass media and for the international community as well.

As we got used to relating cheese with Switzerland or Tango with Argentina, we made similar links between Terrorism, Arab people and the Islamic world. Since the World Trade Center tragedy, those who were part of the nowhere land and who seemed to be exotic but likeable people mounted in a camel under a scorching sun, doing whatever they do in the middle of the desert near some breathtaking pyramids, suddenly become in the enemy of the world by excellence, in brilliant criminal minds capable of hitting the core of our Western world, and anxious to conquer us in the name of whatever they call their God.

Step by step, slowly and rapidly, we have had more than fifteen years of mass media bombing us with the idea that there was a strong link between Islam and Terrorism. We were slowly leaving the idea of Russians blowing up the world with their sinister massive destruction weapons to realise that are Iranians who always wanted Western to vanish. The new century brought us a new age of illumination and we finally woke up to see how envy, uncivilization and lack of Democracy had turned some Eastern societies into death machines. And the worst part ever was that we had not done anything to get that! We were just lying on the sand, chilling out for a while and unwittingly bumped into a new age of destructive radicalization!

Today, our colonized mind cannot understand how a terrorist attack without someone shouting “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire could be possible. But it is certainly possible. Because Terrorism was always there, wearing different costumes but being always the same. It was there being the product of the explosive combination between distorted minds and system’s oppression. Because radicalization is always an option, of course, but many times it is an imposed way. What have we done as a global society to stop radicalization? Do we think that pointing a particular group of people to put on them the monopolization of radical behaviour will save us from the phenomenon?

Therefore, the main question is still there: is there radicalization and terrorist ideas into some particular branches of Islam? Do exist radicalized groups in the Arab society? It would be really hard to deny such obvious facts. Of course, there is radicalization there, but it is not inherent to this part of the world and it is not inherent to a particular religion. Radicalization and Terrorism are outcomes which respond to a system which steadily has exclusion, division, discrimination and contempt for human life as main banners.

The self-adjudication of ISIS about the shooting in Las Vegas should make us think a lot. Why would a radical group from Iraq and Syria try to make the world believe that every single free rider belongs to its rows? Why would they do that if the shooter was a non-Muslim American with no links with Islam or the Arab world? Why each time we heard about a terrorist attack we connect the fact with them? Who benefits from this? When we are aware of events such as which recently happened in Las Vegas, our brain unconsciously needs to hear that our famous enemy was the executor one more time, and we are expecting the magic word to be said.

Disturbingly, what is even more terrifying for us than Terrorism by itself, is the fact of having the factory of Radicalization and Terrorism here in the backyard, and that -every now and then- we stop exporting the product to consume national goods and services again, just like (before?) 11-S. We should not forget that the slogan “Let’s make America great again” implies the other one which says “Made in USA”.

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